Just finished comparing a whole mess of writing software...

And guess which one I bought? I looked at every major Mac writing software out there. Some were too simple in their feature set, others too complicated in their layout and GUI scheme.

But yes, I went with Scrivener. It is very polished, malleable, and has a great support system. I can’t wait to get going with it (I’ve only just worked through the tutorial). Scrivener was just right.

I’d really like to say, however, that I adore Jer’s Novel Writer, especially the developer’s attitude and general enthusiasm. And the margin notes function is great, and will be a feature I’ll miss. I may end up buying the software anyway, just for moral support…

And on a sour note, I was surprised to find that there’s another piece of software out there that looks too much like Scrivener. Not being absolutely sure of the histories of either company, I’ll refrain from commenting further, but my impression is that Scrivener has been around for a while, and this other company’s fairly new.

This other company, though, does do a better job at selling their features. When I first saw their website, I thought, “Wow, this is like Scrivener on steroids!” But once I messed around with their demo, I saw that just about everything they tout can be done in Scrivener.

My one major complaint in Scrivener, though, is the fact that the Binder and Inspector windows open inward, thus distorting the main window. I really, really wish they opened outward, drawer-style, leaving the main window alone.

Right now, if you want to resize either the Binder or Inspector, you have to first resize that window, which then intrudes into the main window, meaning you then have to resize that window as well. If I’ve missed something here, please let me know!

Again, I’m excited about delving into Scrivener, and I look forward to its future and prosperous development!


  • hoju

Could I ask which other piece of software you refer to? Not that it matters… The website is getting a bit of an overhaul soon. Ulysses, Copywrite and Avenir have all been along longer than Scrivener and I fully admit a debt to them all. So if other software out there has a debt to Scrivener I have no room for complaint. :slight_smile:

Thanks for buying.

The inspector and outliner were well-thought out. I thought about drawers, but drawers have been pretty much dropped by Apple. What you will find is that you can set a favoured default editor width, so that when you hit the zoom button, the editor will resize to your favoured width and the inspector and binder will fit themselves around it.

All the best,

Hello Keith,

I will P.M. you with the other company’s name to avoid any ugliness.

And thanks for the advice on setting the default width! That works really well!


  • hoju

I cannot find the tutorial file on my hard drive or on the web site. Is it posted somewhere?

Help menu > Tutorial.