Just FYI re: Tutorial

I have have been a executive IT director for a major US firm, now retired. I just want you to know that I have implemented several tutorial slide/video/interactive applications over the years. Your tutorial is one of the poorest I have ever utilized or have been exposed to. Not a good look for your product. Maybe seasoned writers/authors would be familiar enough to navigate your platform but for the beginning writer, it is almost useless. I don’t know who lead the dev team on this but they are obviously not an educator or strong architect. Very frustrating.

Hi there @joeporter2 ,

I’m just a fellow customer and not affiliated with L&L.

I’m sure L&L will appreciate your feedback, but your post is rather vague. Don’t you think it would be more useful to list specific areas of improvement?

To turn it around, if your team had created training material for a product and a customer told you it was “the poorest I’ve ever seen” or “almost useless”, how would that feedback help you improve it? How is it actionable?

It would be understandable for the average customer to post such generalities, but I’m a bit surprised that someone with your background and expertise did so. If you cannot provide at least one or two specific points for improvement, then why did you bother posting at all? Where is the value-add in your feedback?



Nice. Well written. …….


Scrivener’s Tutorial is intended to help new users understand the Scrivener application. It does not attempt to teach “beginning writers” how to write.

With that explanation of the intended audience in mind, we would of course welcome any actionable feedback that you might have.