Just heavenly!

I’ve had the chance over the past few days to spend 8-10 hours at my desk, getting this novel truly underway. Keith, I always loved Scrivener, but as I get deeper and deeper into using it, it only gets better and better. Incredibly versatile, multifunctional, brilliantly intuitive–I would never have guessed I could grasp and use (me, the classic luddite) a program with such mastery of complexities and varied attributes SO easily.

It boggles the mind how you could create such a gem in a single lifetime. Wherever your own creative writing takes you, know this: you have enhanced the lives of countless other writers immeasurably. You’ve probably done more for the current state of literature (of all forms) than any other writer alive today. You should feel an enormous sense of accomplishment.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone downstairs from my office to my husband in the past couple of days and raved about Scrivener. He is a writer too, but a PC user. For Scrivener alone, he’s planning to switch to a Mac. Apple owes you big time, too, Keith. :laughing:

All the very best with your own work, and I give you my undying gratitude for making mine so much easier and enjoyable.

Crikey. Thank you. :slight_smile:

If this book ever sees the light of day, you’ll be in the Acknowledgements for sure! :slight_smile:

psssttt!! Cap`n sir!

I finks y`ve bin plámásed Skipper. :open_mouth:

Plámásing is wot em Irish biddies does to blokes, wen ey wont sumfink off em!

Biddy muvvers teach biddy daughters to plámás, almost from t cradle onards.

I bin arown em long enuff to smell a plámás wen I sees it! Mollys Mum is sweet talkin yCapn, to get ersel a discount.

It`s em discounts what does it boss!


Hayhayhayhayhay there Vic!!


I already BOUGHT my Scrivener, and I’m making my kids buy it too, not giving them my extra copies! In fact I was gonna suggest that Keith raise the price. Except I know he wants to help us poor starving artists, god bless his little cotton socks. There should be some sort of sliding scale for fees, pegged to income, I think.

I would gladly give Keith my firstborn male child in tribute, but I have tried to give the little bugger away several times already and he keeps being sent back.



bejeeezzz!! yera cruel mother, Mollys Mum :open_mouth:

But! Since tis nearly upon us. Have a Happy Christmas and a Good New Year!

Nollaig Shona!;

Take care
Vic:lol: XXXX <----Big Snog 8)

Well, that’s certainly a welcome change from Dun do bheal agus na be ag caint!

And a fine and liquid Christmas and New Year’s to yerself as well, Vic!