Just installed on windows 11 home 64 bit and now Scrivener is freezing up

  1. To suggest the obvious (which I imagine you’ve already done), clear your browser cache (important), re-download a new copy, uninstall the existing one and install the new download.

  2. Have you tried opening Scrivener with Shift held down to stop it opening last-opened file, and then creating a new project? If you can do that and it doesn’t freeze, try drag-dropping the binder documents from the one that is freezing into it, maybe doing them bit by bit. Does the new project freeze?

  3. Has anyone suggested setting your preferences file aside, dragging it from where it is in the file system to somewhere like Documents or Desktop—I’m a Mac-user so I don’t know the Windows terminology.
    Then try starting Scrivener from the app (not from an existing project) holding down Shift to stop it opening previous files if it’s set to do so… it’ll create a new vanilla Preferences file. If that works and the problem project opens and works, you’ll need to reset your preferences as you like them.

  4. (From a previous thread) “You could try removing the ui.ini file from the project’s Settings folder (inside the .scriv folder). Removing the ui.ini file will reset the project’s interface settings, but won’t touch your global preferences. Does that fix it?”

Just a few thoughts that don’t seem to have come up above.


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