Just looking for the full answer in one post: Is there a beta version I can try that will open Mac created projects?

So yeah, wanting to try out the beta (I was hoping I’d find Scrivener Windows released since a few months ago it was sounding very close on here) and I have a large and very customized project in the latest Mac version and I want to see what it looks like and how it functions in the latest Windows version.

a) Does it exist? (one that can open a mac project - downloaded the beta today and it won’t open it)
b) If so where can I download it?
c) If not, will I have to wait until full release to try this out?
d) thanks if you answer this in the full

Download the V3 Beta https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/scrivener-3-0-beta-release-candidate-10-download-links-change-list/38228/1 It will open V3 Mac projects.

There are 32bit and 64 bit versions so pick the one for your system.

The beta expires 30 Sep however L&L will release a .24 beta or (less likely?) the final version before it expires.

If you downloaded the beta linked in this forum (v23 as of this writing), it should open projects created by version 3.X of the Mac product. Make sure you’re trying to open the .scrivx file inside the .scriv folder (on a Mac, the folder itself is treated as a document).

Also make sure you’ve properly transferred the entire project from your Mac system to your Windows system. Depending on how you copied it over, you may have missed portions of it. On the Mac it looks like a single package file, but on most sync services and on Windows it’s going to be a top-level MyProject.scriv folder that contains a bunch of additional folders and files, including the MyProject.scrivx file that is what you actually open up on Windows.

Thank you all for the help!

Ok, I never knew of this… so I’m backing it up and it stores as a zip file.
I transfer the zip file via thumbdrive and then unzip it on my pc and it appears as a Scrivener project in the Windows beta ‘open existing project’ window (the beta I got from the front page of the site) and then it delivers an error and says my project was saved by a newer version. cannot open etc.

So I’m assuming I’ve got everything transferred over, I just need to try it with the beta mentioned in this thread? Which actually expires today haha.

So hopefully the one that they release next will do it then.

Yes, if you’re opening it up and getting the “newer version” error message that should indicate you have the project correctly transferred and unzipped on the Windows machine. The latest beta should do the trick.

Liking the new pic also, Devin – take care