Just lost my most vital Scapple File - but have a PDF format copy. How to Import PDF into Scapple

Sadly, I just lost my most vital Scapple File - by renaming it - and radically editing it for a different purpose. But I have a PDF format copy with live hyperlinks of the latest version of the now missing .scap file. But how can I import this PDF into Scapple so I do not have to re-enter 150 notes with links?

At risk of making you wince, do you have a regular backup strategy for your computer that you follow? In which case, you should pull the most recent backup of this super important document and start from there.

Assuming Mac platform: If you open the folder where the valuable file lived and then enter Time Machine, can you roll back the folder view to any date-times prior to when the bad thing happened? That is, when the file was still there before the bad thing happened. If so, you can tap the listing of the earlier file there and ask to restore it. (I don’t understand how it is or when Time Machine does it but it maintains some internal backup copies of bits even between physical backups.)

I don’t work for L&L, but I seriously doubt there is any path from a pdf of a scapple map to a scapple document. If there was, dropping such a pdf onto a scapple window would presumably do the magic, or Scapple would agree to open pdfs, but it does not do either (other than to import an image of your pdf, that is.) Pretty sure your pdf is just a /graphical presentation/ of your map and the pdf file does not contain within it the actual data structure of your map. I could be wrong, but … doesn’t seem promising.

Yeah, I’m afraid recovery from a backup is what you need to do here. If you store your work with a cloud service, you may be able to use its versioning capabilities to roll back the original file to its correct state.

There is no way to import a PDF file as a Scapple map, the two formats are entirely different, and there wouldn’t be a logical way for Scapple to really “understand” what it is looking at given the kind of data in a PDF (each visual element is its own object, so the border around a note is a thing, the shadow another thing, the text something else, the background fill another object, etc.). PDF is more of a drawing than a data model, if that makes sense.

Only other option is use snip and sketch and capture images from pdf and copy and paste on scapple or save and drag into scapple . Not sure if can copy and paste but could try