Just lost three chapters in sync

My iPad was sitting at the projects screen, synched as far as I know. iPad was turned off.

Went to project in [Mac, added] Scrivener, intending to figure out how to export styles. Opened the project on Mac. Three chapters were empty. Some were not. Closed Scrivener on Mac. Started iPad. Opened project. Chapters were there. Edited one page to force a save. Exited project. Sync happened.

Not closing iPad, went back to Mac. Waited until Dropbox synced. Opened Scrivener. Mac now had two of the chapters, one still missing. Both systems complained about syncing and conflicts and such, then said conflicts were resolved.

Conflicts were resolved in favor of not having content in one of the chapters. Choosing “no content” over “some content” in resolving a conflict seems to me to be a less than ideal determination.

This is not pleasing. Is there a history function in iOS or Mac that has a chance of finding this chapter? I suspect it has only ever appeared in iOS.

[Expletive]! Now it just lost another chapter. It said there were more conflicts, for some reason, and then it resolved them by removing all the content from another chapter.

What’s up with this? How can I get the removed stuff back? How can I be absolutely sure that the rest of what I have in iOS won’t get deleted if I open it on the Mac?

There should be a Conflicts folder somewhere in your Binder. Scrivener will not silently delete files that it believes to be in conflict, it will stick them in a separate folder so that you can decide for yourself which one is correct.

You can find Mac Scrivener’s automatic backups by going to Scrivener -> Preferences -> Backups, and clicking the button to open the backup folder in Finder.


There is no Conflicts folder in the project on iOS. There is none in the project on Mac. I see no Conflicts folder at the desktop level. Search for conflicts in Mac Help does not find the word.

Please advise in more detail, thanks!

What version of Mac Scrivener do you have?


2.8 (26295)

re mac backups, mac has never seen this project until today, when it deleted things. could this be a dropbox thing somehow? any sense looking at dropbox file versions? (seems likely unwise to me as scriv has so many files)

Please send an email to our support address, ios.support@literatureandlatte.com. Include my name and a link to this thread so that whoever picks it up can call it to my attention.

Also, please attach a copy of the Mac version of the project, which you can do by using the File -> Backup -> Backup To command and checking the box to create a ZIP backup.

I’d like to poke around inside the guts of the project, which is easier to do one-on-one than via the forums.


will do thanks