Just purchased Scrivener - NO replies to my emails!

Hi, on 9th Feb I purchased Scrivener, however it was registered under an incorrect name. I have sent three emails and have yet to receive a reply on my query. This is extremely frustrating, as I need to have the issue resolved before I can use Scrivener. Could someone please look into this as soon as possible? The emails were sent from the email address registered with this username. The change required should be simple to correct. Regards,

Hi Angela,

We sent you a reply on Monday, so please check your spam filter. The reply will have come from a tenderapp.com address because we use the Tenderapp system to track support queries. This is the reply that Astrid sent you on Monday:

Please find the email in your spam filter, white list it, and reply if you still wish us to change the name.

All the best,

Thanks so much Keith for your assistance. I had searched my Junk folder under Literature and Latte, unfortunately (operator error!). My sincerest apologies for the frustrated email. I have replied directly to Astrid. Regards,