Just registered... and I have to re-register each time

I’ve just bought your software today. I’ve started transferring some work into the program, and logged out of it a couple of times and then tried to get back in. But each time I have to put in my registration key again; it tells me I’ve registered successfully, and then there’s another message to say my registration was unsuccessful… and then I get back to the page where I was working when I originally logged out.
This is irritating. First impressions on any software last the longest… and they’re important!
Is there anything I’ve done wrong in the original set up?

Cancel my previous message. I’ve sorted the problem myself. Nice software, by the way!


Whoops, sorry I didn’t catch this one earlier. Glad you’ve got it sorted, and sorry for the initial inconvenience! Thanks for your kind words in spite of that!

My issue is related but a little different.

Here is an email I just sent to Scrivener support:

The error when trying to activate is:

Can anyone please assist? I too would like to get rid of the nagging Registration windows.


Thanks to the helpful people at Scrivener this has been fixed using an offline activation method.

All good now, thanks.