just some feedback

I just finally re downloaded and installed and I like this program, thank you!
I compiled into a pdf (fiction novel template) as default settings since I don’t know the standard font etc that a novel should have.
Why is this the standard font because it looks like it was written using a pen that is running out of ink, seriously, it looks faded.

Thank you! I’m glad you were able to get the installer working and are able to test Scrivener out!

The main problem with the PDF output you’re seeing now is probably due to a bug that’s causing PDF compile to shrink the text from the set size (should be 12pt), so it’s going to look off. Once that’s fixed you’ll get a standard Courier New 12pt which is one of the top options for standard manuscript submissions due to the fixed width and familiarity–it’s pretty easy for editors to look at a manuscript in CN 12pt and know exactly how long it’s going to come out when printed in this or that layout, how long it will take to read, etc. Definitely check the submission guidelines before you send anything off, of course, since all editors/publishers/agents will have their own specifics and may require something else; Times New Roman is a pretty popular choice nowadays as well, and there’s another compile preset for that which should get you a decent start for that formatting, even if you need to tweak things a bit.

Hey Mimetic, thank you for your reply, that makes sense now. It’s also good how you knew I had issues with the installer from my other post. I am glad it works, I’ll test the beta out with the novel I am trying to write.

I like Scrivener, I have installed all the writing programs I could fine - ywriter, finaldraft, celtx, storybook, snowflake etc- and they are all useless, this interface is what I am after and works.
Hopefully one day, I will have a complete windows version on a mac so I can use the mac version.

Anyway, I will be around, thank you for the reply.