Just starting

I’ve seen this question come up previously but from years and years ago.

I just found Schrivener and want to upload a WIP from a Word doc. How do I do that without having to cut and paste each chapter? That’s probably too much work to do so I want to figure that out before I buy. Thanks!

Be sure to download the free 30 day trial before you buy, and run through the interactive Tutorial.

For your specific question, see section 10.1 File Import in the manual.

10.1.5 Import and Split is probably what you’ll want to do. The process is roughly:

1- Inside your Word doc, insert a separator character (e.g., ‘#’) to tell Scrivener where you want to split your single Word doc into separate Scrivener docs.

2 - Run the Scrivener import process

3- Clean up the result in Scrivener.

I haven’t done this myself, but plenty of people on these forums have. Give it as shot and come back with any questions that you have.


It’s also easy to just import the entire thing into a Scrivener project, and then scroll/search for the beginning of each chapter. If you have chapter titles, you can select that text and choose Document->Split->Split with selection as Title, Otherwise, just split “at selection”.

I second the advice to just download the trial and give it a go. So long as you don’t delete your word file, you can experiment with the text in Scrivener without any worries.

Both good suggestion. I’ll give it a try and THANKS! I really want this to work but if it gets to busy I won’t use it.

“split” worked! Thanks!