just swallowed all of my work!!

So, after using dropbox for a bit, I deleted older copies of my Scrivener file and kept with a singular one and placed it on my portable hard-drive (I don’t know if this is why it happened or not)

But it worked fine on my netbook two days ago, but this morning I opened it up on my laptop, and the whole lot of it has vanished! I had a mini heart-attack, but then sighed in relief when I noticed I backed up after my last writing spree. phew!

But from a project that had over 35k, it’s down to 500-odd in Scrivener with two random small scenes that are pages apart, all of the summaries are gone, and I still have the title of the scenes and chapters.

Just thought you ought to know. :slight_smile:


Have you been through that thread? There’s tons of information about using Dropbox safely with Scrivener.