Just to say something nice,

as I felt so.

I was spending a little time looking at promotion for the Mac version, as recommending to a sister-in-law doing plays and videos. She sounds excited.

I had a kind of combined feeling in doing this perusal:

  • yes, there are some more nice things coming from Mac in Windows version, which I am very sure are on Lee and Keith’s lists.

  • but also, completely impressive how many of the most useful things are already in Scrivener Windows, and working, due to Lee & team’s dedication that it be so, and attendant intensive work.

Have to give you guys and Jennifer a big thumbs up. With things working as well as they do, I am getting deeper into the usefulness, and it is outstanding.

Outstanding, also, that you have been so willing that we use and chew on what you are doing at every present, which helps everyone.

Thank you.

and regards,