Just upgraded to 2.0

It looks very good. Easy on the eyes. I haven’t used it in anger yet, but it converted my old file correctly. I’m up and running. Well done.


Can I add my thanks here too Keith. Enjoying it. Particularly like snapshots on the RHS - find I’m using them more now. I too paid and was unable to download yesterday. Did I make a fuss? No, because I was already enjoying using the preview. You had it covered.

How wrong can one be? There was me thinking that I had the perfect writing software in Scrivener 1, and now you’ve done the seemingly impossible and improved it. Well done! :smiley:

And again, thank you! Much appreciated!

Hi Keith,
Just a huge thanks for all the hard work and dedication to making a stunning product stunninger.
After a seamless upgrade I spent some of the morning looking at the vid’s and the forums including moans from people about icons!
Can’t believe it, so just wanted to say a HUGE well done and thank you for having a dream and sticking to it.
The upgrade price is very reasonable and I hope those wndoze folks appreciate what they are in for and that people buy it by the million so your generosity of spirit is rewarded financially.
I use Scrivener every day and have done for years now.
Anyway just wanted you to know how much you are appreciated - and if I didn’t tell you you’d never know!