Just Upgraded to Scrivener 3 and there are two things I haven't figured out how to do...

  1. Is there any way to tie themes and color preferences to the project itself? I regularly swap between my MBP and my mini and I would love it if I didn’t have to change the color scheme whenever I open a project for the first time on a new machine.

  2. Does anyone know how to view the synopsis and the project notes simultaneously in the same tab in the inspector?

As for 2: if you toggle “notes” (left icon) in the inspector both should be visible. No?

  1. No, but you can save your themes to files, and copy them to your new machine, by whatever means you get your project there. Open the theme from the file, then save the theme, and it will be on the new machine forever. (You may already be doing this; if so, I apologise for belaboring the obvious. I know of no easier way to do this.)

  2. No. In Scriv 2, the synopses were visible in all the tabs, but in Scriv 3 they’re only visible in the document notes tab. No way to view them simultaneously with the project notes.

You can, however, create a separate “project notes” window. Use the Navigate → Open Quick Reference command, and click the bookmark icon at the lower left corner of the resulting window. Moreover, you can add a Synopsis pane to that window with the menu in the upper left corner.


Thanks for all the help–I’ll see how I can work out a new workflow :slight_smile: