Just used Scrivener to rewrite book for young people

I’ve posted about Scrivener before, but must post once again to offer thanks for this wonderful piece of software! I had submitted my book (through an agent) to a children’s publisher in the U.S. The associate editor and head of the imprint liked it, but not yet enough to offer me a contract, worked with me on changes that needed to be made.

I decided to rewrite the whole thing. The rewrite would have been a MASSIVE headache without Scrivener. I made detailed notes about characters, places and plot, and then used the corkboard view to rearrange plot elements. I referred to the corkboard frequently to help keep my rewrite on track.

I just sent off my rewrite last week; please keep your fingers crossed for me!

Now I’m using Scrivener to plan my next novel project from scratch. This time I plan to take advantage of more of its features.

Thanks again for Scrivener! If the book gets published, I’ll let you know.


Thank you. :slight_smile:

Good luck with getting the rewrite accepted - let us know how it goes.

All the best,