Just wanna get the trial installed...

I am certain this is user error. Indeed, this may be proof that I am as dumb as a post. In any event, I am attempting to download the NaNoWriMo trial, and I seem to be going in a circle. I click to download. I get the terms and conditions window. I accept. I get a window telling me to drag and drop the icon into my app folder…only I don’t have an icon with an S, like in the window. I have only the download icon. Of course, when I drag and drop that and open it, I go in the download circle again. Aside from more coffee, what am I missing here? Thanks for all help, and for not making fun of me (any more than necessary)–


When you double-click the .dmg that you download and OK the agreement, it should unpack all that for you and then bring up a new Finder window showing a nice dark blue background with the Scrivener icon, an alias of your Applications folder, and a NaNoWriMo badge. The window might not pop up over all your open applications, though, so it might be that you’re just not seeing this because it’s hidden behind something. Try Ctrl-clicking the Finder icon in the dock to see the names of all the running Finder windows and bringing them into focus. You also should see an additional listing in the Finder’s sidebar under “Devices” called “Scrivener (NaNo11)” which will show you the alias to the App folder and the Scrivener icon–depending on your Finder view settings it may look different, but both those should appear, and you can do the same drag and drop action in there to install.

Thank you so much for your kind, cogent reply. Upon re-reading the directions (I know, I know) I realized I could drag and drop the icon from the window…oh! So, I’m all set now, and duly humbled.