Just what I need on the eve of NaNo...

Hi all,

Everything has been working perfectly in Ubuntu 11.10.

Tonight, I tried to open an individual file from the Dropbox location - an RTF - and it opened ok. Now, when I go back to Scrivener, it barely opens at all - everything’s grey, and I can’t click on the menus.

Any ideas?

Yep. Reset the defaults for text/editor colors. Known issue, I believe. It happens if you switch into/out of fullscreen mode, too.

But I can’t click on the menus - how can I reset the defaults without this…?

When this happens to me I delete ~/.config/Scrivener/Scrivener.conf. I lose things like the recently opened list though.

Perfect. Worked like a charm. Thank you!

For future reference, if you’re in fullscreen mode, try going back to a non-maximized window state first.