just : wooow


To make a long story short :
Once upon atime, I fell in love with Scrivener. We got married, and lived hapilly, breeding many short stories 8)

I ponctualy use Mac computers for my job (computer & photo magazines writing & publishing, in France), and was a long time pre-OSX Mac (and pre-Mac) user that switched to Windows.

Booting a Mac has always been a nice experience but having all what I needed under Windows, I saw no reason to switch back (purchase new licences, hardware and so on). A year ago, while using a Mac (PPC Mini), I tried JNW (great !) and Ulysse and was deeply impressed : why isn’t there anything like that under Windows ??? They’re great tools.
I was impressed, but not converted : somethings were missing, I still worked better under Windows with standard tools (even if it’s a great little machine, the Mini was not helping compared to powerful PCs). I went back using Windows and PCs.

Last week I was asked to write about Mac, and was given an Intel MacBook. I couldn’t resist looking for Jer’s and the likes and found yours 8)

Is it a Beta ? I wouldn’t mind purchasing the licence right now. The only bug I have spoted so far is that it doens’t tell I am drinking too much cofee while writing :wink:

I am not exagerating how much I am impressed by what you have done.
I haven’t set my mind about my “work writing” (computer/photo stuff), it probably won’t do it, but I have decided to keep the Mac and use Scrivener for my personal writings : byebye Word/OpenOffice, Sony Laptop and XP/Vista.

Scrivener suits so well with OSX’s elegance (? sorry my English is rather poor, I mean : it’s very well integrated and very intuitive, and it is… nice! ).
Everything is not perfect, but what it offers now is almost (no doubt, I’ll post about that :wink:) all what I have been looking for years.

So, thank you very much.

I wish you and everybody a Happy New Year