Justification and spacing in screenwriting mode

In screenwriting mode, the transitions are totally right justified and only allow one character per line, which looks quite odd.


But completely right-aligned.

Also, the character names feel too far to the right. They should be centered instead.


Is this on the iPhone? If os, it’s down to screen space. A good tip is this (although transitions will still be cramped):

  1. Tap on the gear at the bottom of the binder screen.

  2. Tap on “Scriptwriting”.

  3. Tap “Hide Left Script Margin”.

This will remove a half inch from the left of the editor on iPhones, given that the left inch is usually a blank margin, and give a little more space.

That does make the screen read better, and I am on an iPhone. But IMHO, even with that option toggled on, character names are too far over to the right and the transitions are very strangely tucked into the lower right of the screen with one letter to a line.

Yes, that’s normal - well, unavoidable, anyway. There’s no way around it, I’m afraid. The problem is this: Scrivener is a rich text app. That means that the formatting is part of the text. In standard screenplay formatting, transitions have to be indented by a set amount. Apples text system has no way of indenting a set amount from the right margin, only from the left margin. So, the fixed indent required by standard screenplay formatting results in this effect for transition lines on an iPhone. On an iPhone, the tiny screen means that screenplay mode will probably work better in landscape mode.

All the best,

Understandable. Thanks for the prompt response. And the GREAT work!