Justified text in EPUB export hyphenated without a hyphen


I am producing some ebooks. So far everything went smoothly. But I have one question. When I export justified text to EPUB it is – as expected – displayed as justifed text in calibre and in Adobe Digital Editions, but some words are hyphenated without a hyphen. Unfortunately I don’t have a real ebook reader, so I can’t control it. Is this a known behavior?



I haven’t seen this myself but the way justified text is dealt with is entirely down to the individual e-reader. Justified text takes quite a lot of extra processing power (you can see big slowdowns, for instance, if you have thousands of thousands of words of justified text even in Apple’s text system) Working out where the hyphen should go would take even more processing power, so it may be that these e-readers are skipping it entirely. It’s a little odd considering that they are both computer-based (I thought Digital Editions didn’t support justified text at all, though - maybe that’s changed).

The underlying text is all stored in HTML, which doesn’t support hyphenation anyway, so everything is left to the e-reader software.

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