Kaspersky quarantined Scrivener!

I’m using the Nanowrimo beta (& have pre-ordered).

This morning Kaspersky just threw me out of Scrivener, saying that the program was “trying to inject into another process” and this was often a sign of malicious software.

I un-quarantined Scrivener.exe, and started work again. It happened again. I’m sure I can find a way to over-ride this.


Anyone else had this with their anti-v software? I won’t be changing from Kaspersky, as I get a free license from work to use on my home laptop.


(Edited after looking into this…)

All right, best guess is that Kaspersky is unhappy because Scrivener can call some other .exe files–tools that it uses like Doc2Any.exe for converting file types and so forth, all perfectly legitimate. Can you set the program to “trust” Scrivener and let it go about its business? That’s probably the way, although Lee will see what he might able to do with having the program as well as the installer signed to see if that makes the AV software happy.