KDP Print / PDFX-3 / PDFX-1a

For anyone who needs to create a PDFX-3 or PDFX-1a file from Scrivener—perhaps for the new KDP Print paperback service—the following link (too many images to copy and paste here) explains how to do just that.

briarkitesme.com/2016/12/16/how … r-for-mac/

Thanks for the info! Not switching away from CreateSpace yet, but… someday soon I may need to :confused:

Early days for KDP Print. The company’s requirements might change in time, and even now I don’t know if the PDFX-3 files generated by macOS are acceptable or not. But knowing how to create a PDFX-3 file in macOS still might be useful when submitting to other publishers and printers.

I do some work pro bono for a few arts companies / charities, producing programmes and brochures for them. Standard PDFs have been rejected by printers, but PDFX-3 files have always been accepted for print.

Festive wishes