Keep elements menu open

Is there a way to add keyboard shortcuts to the elements?
If not yet, is there a way, at least, to keep open the elements menu or put it on the main menu?
Current shortcut keys to the elements window requires three keystrokes: cntrl + , then the letter of the element.
It would be much easier to just do: alt S for Scene Heading.
If there’s not way now, hope you have it on your list.
Formatting in Screenwriter is a piece of cake.

Not yet, but yes we do intend to add direct maps to the elements in time. It will probably be based on the number row rather than letters, so that those that use multiple script types can more easily switch between projects without having to relearn letters. Also note you can hit Return on an empty line to call up the inline element switcher, but that does require you to use arrow keys to select the element from a list, so I don’t think it is more efficient than the current menu system.