Keep getting is error:

Hi, I tried looking for the “Go menu command” but didn’t find it. Every time I open Scrapple I get the message. I just enter serial number and it works fine, but it is annoying. What ca n I do?

eSellerate Errors (Read First)
If upon installing or attempting to activate Scrivener you encounter an error, it is usually owing to a minor permissions error and should be easy enough to fix. First, try the following:

In the Finder:

Use the File ▸ Go menu command and paste in the following path: ~/Library/Application Support, then click the Go button.
If you find a folder called “MindVision”, move it to the Trash.
Try launching Scrivener again.
If that does not work, repeat the above, and then after removing the folder from there, use the “Go” command again to visit the following path: /Library/Application Support. You will require your administration password to remove any “MindVision” folder found there.

Sorry for the confusion! That was a typo in the help document, it was meant to read the Go ▸ Go to Folder… Finder menu command.

Call me dumb, but I can’t , for the life of me, understand what you’re saying! Could you be more specific?

Perhaps it would be easier to just use the keyboard shortcut if the Finder menu command doesn’t seem to be there: ⇧⌘G.

You need to have the Finder active, not Scapple! Click on the desktop and then on the menu bar you should see a “Go” menu, and down the bottom “Go To Folder…”



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Thanks a bunch! Yes, did it as instructed. I think it worked! :smiley:

My pleasure.