Keep highlighting when editing within highlighted text.

This is probably a Preference but can’t find it. I highlight a few paragraphs of text but if I go back and add line breaks or tabs they stay white. I essentially want to work inside a highlighted area and have it all stay highlighted…

Found most of my answer…might help someone else. CTRL Return keeps highlighting on line breaks. The only thing I can’t get to work is when I edit within highlighted indented text.

I don’t follow this, I’m afraid. You mean highlighted text as in text you have highlighted with the yellow highlighter (or pink or whatever)? The button in the format bar or Format > Highlight? If so, then any text you type inside the highlighted text block should also be highlighted automatically, and I can’t reproduce a problem with it not being.

The only time this might not be true, I suppose, is if the highlighted text has been assigned a style that sets up another style to follow it on return.

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Keith: Oddly I can’t repeat it. When I do, I’ll post a screen grab and description of what I did. Thanks for checking into it. [By the way LOVE 3.0…let me count the ways…]