Keep para together

I would like to compile a simple text file but prevent paragraphs from being split across pages when it is printed. Is there a way to do this with Schrivener?

I’m not looking for widow/orphan control, but whole paragraph control. Word has a feature like this that prevents paragraphs from being broken across pages but I want my workflow to be a simple as possible and don’t want that extra step. Overall formatting isn’t important, I just want to keep paragraphs from being split across pages.


No, this sort of layout management is a bit beyond Scrivener. There is widow/orphan control available in compile for some formats, and there is a Format > Text > Keep with Next command that keeps two paragraphs together (mainly for use in scriptwriting or other scenarios where a paragraph may be only one line. There’s no equivalent to the Word feature you’re talking about, though, so if you need this you’re best compiling to RTF and then adding this in Word.