Keep project on iPad with separate backup?

First post, so apologies if I have missed the obvious. Definitely not the first time for that.

I write on the iPad but don’t always have internet access. I have located my projects in Dropbox, but often get conflicts. I am also about to go away for a couple of weeks so am trying to figure out the best way of writing - and protecting that writing,


Is it possible to locate the project on the iPad, and still have it backed up when wifi is available?

Many thanks all.

Your projects located on Dropbox also reside wholly on your ipad.* So long as you have automatic-sync-on-exit turned off, Scriv will not attempt to sync until you tell it to. So, isn’t this already pretty much just what you are looking for?


p.s. Don’t know if this pertains to your situation, but I think the most common cause of conflicts is editing or even just leaving open a copy of the project residing on another machine — maybe you have Scriv also on another device/computer? One has to close the project elsewhere and let DB sync it — before going off and editing the project on the ipad.

  • When you work on a Scriv project that also syncs with Dropbox, you are never “working off of” the copy of the project DB has stored. That is, you are not editing the cloud copy of your project. Rather, your device has a complete copy of your project and this is what you are editing. When you sync it to DB, DB’s own copy of the project gets updated.

Or if you have an old laptop around, use iTunes to sync the files, which requires no internet access.

Thanks, gr.

I’m not using Scrivener on any other device, but the conflicts may result when I move from offline to online without closing off a session… he says, completely uncertain as to whether that makes sense.

I have been using Storyist, which was very smooth in terms of backups. I’ll play with Scrivener for a while to see how it works for me.

Thanks for the insight, all, much appreciated.