Keep Project Targets window visible in full screen mode

Hi, new windows user here.

I noticed the Project Targets feature, which is really helpful…except for one small thing. In full screen mode, it goes and hides behind everything. This even includes if I set up a shortcut for it and try calling it from in full screen mode. Basically, full screen is always rendering on top of the Project Targets window. The only way to set it up so I can see it is to change the transparency of the “blind area”, which defeats the purpose of having the blind overlap in the first place.

I would love to have a setting to render that window in the empty space around my manuscript in full screen. It doesn’t do me much good to track the day’s progress if I keep having to remember to swap from full screen and back to see it.

I know you are hard at work on version 3 for windows, so I don’t expect an update to the current demo version. Just sharing my experience here. I love the idea of an “exp bar” for the day’s work, but it needs to be visible while I work to be useful.

Consider this a request to have a way for seeing at least the current day’s objective while immersed in full screen mode.