Keep Up to Date -- Attention Webmaster

I saw a forum post indicating a new release (1203?) and tried the Check for Updates… without success (it thinks I have no network connection) but that made me wonder why I hadn’t received notice of the update so I tried Keep Up to Date. It said, I think, J. Appleseed, which made me think my subscription has been lost so I tried to subscribe again and got a pop up with this:

[b]Attention Webmaster! Form Misconfiguration

For some reason we cannot determine the domain your form is on.
You’re going to have to tell us by including a line like

within your html form.

Looks like another bug.

I already had this one logged, but thank you for the report!

You can use the web site right now to sign up for the newsletter if you wish.

Update: This issue has been marked as fixed for the next release: 1.2.4.