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Is there a way in Scrivener to indicate that two element should occur on the same page or that a paragraph/footnote, etc., shouldn’t break across pages?

A friend tells me there’s a function in word called ‘keep with next’, that does this. It would be very helpful for image and table captions and, for my particular discipline, example sentences, which are multi-line chunks of text that should be aligned to one another.

At the moment my workflow means going through the entire thesis in Word and putting in manual line breaks (or, now that I know it exists, assigning the ‘keep with next’ label to all examples and captions). Not the end of the world, there’d be ways to do it quickly in Word, but it would be good to do so in Scrivener all the same.

There’s not a way to do this in Scrivener that I know of, and it sounds more like the sort of fiddly layout stuff that would need to be done after compiling to a dedicated layout program like Word anyway, since Scriv’s really more for the drafting end of the process.

What you can do in Scrivener though, is use a combination of font/colour/style that you can then find quickly using Word’s Find-By-Formatting feature - for example, if you make all the text you want to later mark in Word as ‘para keep with next’ as Tahoma, 13pt, bold, red (you’ll probably also want to use preserve formatting in Scriv so it doesn’t get overwritten at compile) then you can quickly search for all text formatted in that manner in word and replace it with the para-keep-with-next formatting.

Hope that helps!

Actually, Scrivener does have Keep with Next - in the Format > Text menu.
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