Keep With Next?

My book has forty scenes, and most of them start with a line that needs to stay with the next paragraph, like this:

June 16, 2016
Bob and Mary ran towards the …

When compiling for a hardcopy book, is there any way to handle this other than manually going to each of the headings and adding the “keep with next” style?

Where did you find the “keep with next” style? Does it work on Windows?

No, Scrivener doesn’t have this type of page layout control. There may be a way to do this in a batch in a word processor or InDesign or such, and you could style the lead text in Scrivener’s compiled document to give it an easy hook for any kind of find/replace in post processing.

Do you mean that I could, for example, set that line to use some different font, and select Preserve Formatting? Then when I load it into OpenOffice, I search for text with that font, and set the paragraph style to Keep with Next?



Yeah, that was my idea–a different font, different size, different colour, whatever worked most easily for you. Colour changes wouldn’t need the extra “preserve formatting” step; just leave “Remove text color” disabled in the compile Transformations. If you’re preserving formatting anyway because you want that line different from the rest of the text, then you may already have whatever distinct formatting you need to use a find/replace in OpenOffice.

If the line is separate from the text, coming from the document title for instance, you can format it differently in compile.