Keeping a copy of Scrivener 1

Today I installed the Scrivener BETA 2.9.17

The Tutorial said:

As the Software Engineer I am, I did that of course in advanced. What I did not expect is that my Scrivener 1 Link disappeard from Windows 10 start menu. :blush:

Surprised by that I first thought that the BETA Installer uninstalled/replaced my former Scrivener installation.

But why should the programers mention that note in the tutorial manual? :question:

I checked my hard disk drive and found both folders peacefully sidy by side. I clicked on the old version of scrivener.exe and Scrivener 1 opened as it should. :bulb:

If the same thing happened to you, search for the scrivener 1 folder on your hard disk drive. If you did not change the location during the instalation process, it might be “c:\program files\scrivener”. :exclamation: :exclamation:

You should find the scrivener.exe located there and could recreate a new start menu link with a right click on the program file. In the menu you should find an option to pin it to the start menu. :mrgreen:

From the beta notes in the pinned post at the top of this forum: