Keeping a fixed font?

So I’m still on Scrivener 1, and I’ve got a question about fonts. I know that if you paste with command-v, it keeps the formatting and the font of the original source, which if you’re pasting from Google Docs or a webpage or something, can get a bit annoying. I also know about the command command-option-shift-v which pastes into Scrivener using the font Scrivener’s currently using. But this happens to also take away all formatting involved. I want to keep the simple formatting like bold or italic when I paste, but I don’t want to keep whatever the original font or color or size was, because otherwise I have to select everything inside the document and change to Helvetica 12 again, which gets old after a few copy and pastes. Is there a way to tell Scrivener that anything pasted into it should stay as black Helvetica 12 (or whatever my default is set at) but retain things like italics, or is this impossible?

It’s not possible in that particular sequence, whereby you can paste things in while ignoring some formatting and retaining others. However it is possible to do this in bulk, later on, with the Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style menu command. Well, I suppose you could run that after every single paste, but it would probably be easier to save it all for later and fix it one shot. This command will do what you expect: it converts the text to your application defaults in the Text Editing pane, while retaining those qualities which you wouldn’t want to lose, such as italics.