Keeping All Project Files Online?


I am new to Scrivener. I see that when you create a new project, you get three different options that all look as if they are on the PC. Is there the possibility to keep all project files online instead?

What do you mean?

I’m a bit confused by the “three different” options bit. But Scrivener for Windows (and Mac) doesn’t have an cloud storage solution built in. You can use dropbox by installing it on your computer, and then saving your projects in the Dropbox folder created by that software. Some other cloud sync solutions can be used, but there are some which will occasionally wreck havoc on your projects, and so are not recommended for keeping your “live” projects on.

You can read up on the recommendations here:


You can use a “cloud” solution that synchronizes your project with an online server, but Scrivener expects that all project files are available instantly, which in practice means locally. Using a service that stores files on a server and downloads only as needed is pretty much guaranteed to cause problems, up to and including data loss.


Hello Katherine (and all),

So, basically, you work on one project on one computer. Correct? Otherwise, you end up uploading your document to the Internet and downloading it with the other computer, which can lead to synchronization/over-writing issues?


From Scrivener’s point of view, the project needs to be stored locally and fully accessible at all times.

If you would like to also use a synchronization service to make it available to other systems, please read this article on best practices to reduce the risk of synchronization errors: … c-services