Keeping bubbles around inline annotations after compiling

Hello! After I compile and print to paper, my inline annotations are not prominent enough: the brackets around them do not make them stand out, and also my printer is b&w so the color of the annotations is not that different from the main text.
Can I preserve during the compiling process the bubbles around the inline annotations that are present in the editor?

You can tweak your chosen compile format to use something other than simple brackets. On the edit sheet for your compile format, you will find this parameter under Footnotes & Comments. (If you are using a supplied compile format, you may need to duplicate the compile format in order to edit a copy.)

In the Footnotes and Comments options you’re referring to, I see an option to choose a font, and also I can type any symbols that I want to enclose my annotations on both sides. I don’t see how this solves the questions though. Even if I chose a special font or different enclosing symbols, after I print the compiled document to paper on a black and white printer, the inline annotations will not stand out enough. In the editor they do because 1) they have color, 2) they have bubbles around them.
So, how do we keep the bubbles around annotations in a compiled document?)

As far as I know, there’s no way to do that.

As you were looking to make the annotations stand out, I thought crafting more •••[[ stand-out bookends ]]••• might be progress.

One thing you could do would be to add a format to your annotations back in the editor, rather than in compile. For example, a double underlined and bolded annotation would be pretty dramatic, especially if you don’t use double underlining elsewhere. You could use the Find By Formatting… command to quickly find the annotations in your text, and the Paste Formatting command to then quickly format them to your needs. You could even create a style to use with your future annotations.

Great idea about batch formatting annotations to have them double underlined and bolded! Thank you!

I just wanted to clarify about your suggestion. When you say to use FIND BY FORMATTING and them PASTE FORMATTING, I find it entails a lengthy process where you find the annotation, then you switch over to the editor window, paste formatting, then switch back to search window and hit Find to find the next one. But how do I format all annotations at once?

I’m sorry, I don’t know of a way to do that, other than by using a third-party macro utility such as Keyboard Maestro or Better Touch Tool.

Copy the formatting from the first annotation you adjust. Then there’s a keyboard shortcut to find the next formatting without going back to the dialog, and another to paste formatting. I’m sorry that I’m not at my Mac right now to tell you exactly what they are (I don’t memorise keyboard shortcuts easily). But two keystrokes per annotation should make fairly short work of it.