Keeping Collections in Sync

This might be possible already, but I would love it if, when I reorder documents in the browser, that new ordering would be reflected in collections. I use collections to track my subplots and it’s hard to keep track of restructuring I do in the browser and keep my collections in sync, particularly as there’s no way that I can see to compare document ordering in the browser and in collections side by side.

Does this make sense?



If you use keywords to tag the documents you want in a collection, and then use the search feature to create a collection (instead of dragging the documents in), then you should get what you’re after. To add or remove documents, just add or remove the keyword. The search should keep up with the order of documents in the binder.

The trouble is that one of the points of arbitrary collections is that they allow you to keep arbitrary collections of documents that don’t have to be in the same order as in the binder. As Robert says, if you want collections that stay in sync with the binder, it’s better to use search collections.

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Ok this is fine, but step me through it.

I’d assign keywords to each of my docs that are a part of a particular subplot.

Then I create a collection based on that keyword?

Brilliant. That works spectacularly. Constantly amazed at how beautifully designed this software is, and how each time I want to do something so specific to my workflow, there’s an easy, graceful way to do it.


To make sure you have the best possible set of documents in your new search-based collection, be sure to restrict the search to just Keywords, and make sure that you are using a single word (or a words joined by under-scores) for your keywords. Also, use the “Whole Word” operator, so you don’t end up finding documents with the “double_plus_ungood” keyword when you were searching for the “good” documents.