Keeping Cursor at location

As I move around documents in the binder, how can I ensure the cursor remains in the position that I left it?

That is, often I am editing a document on the 4th page (for instance) and need to select another document for research and return to original only to find that is returned to the top of the document.

Odd. Mine does take me back to where I was, after about a 2 second delay. Then, I just have to click in and go.

Not sure what’s wrong. Hopefully someone from L&L can help. But I’m just curious. :bulb: If you double-click a word where you were before you leave (so it’s highlighted) and go and do your thing, and then come back to it, are you taken back then? Might work until someone else is able to shed better insight.

I’ve got the same problem (MacOS 10.12.6; Scriv 3). I’ll be working on Draft in Scrivenings view, open another document (e.g. from characters). When I go back to Draft using the “arrow” at the top of the edit screen I’m returned to some apparently random place rather than to the place I left my cursor at.

sirmichaelot’s suggestion (highlighting something at the original location) doesn’t help.

This really seems lie a bug that needs to be addressed.

I think the group mode (document or scrivenings) affects what the Editor remembers as your last location. You were in scrivenings mode, but now you’re not.

I don’t follow you. Can you explain this more completely?

So assuming that Scrivener doesn’t keep the cursor location when changing in and out of Scrivenings, I would want to set a bookmark to find my way back. But nearly as I can tell, there is no way to set a such a bookmark in Scriv 3. Scriv 3 bookmarks only set up links to other documents rather than let you mark a spot in your working document.

It looks like Scrivener used to have this feature but for some reason deleted it.

This seems a very weird omission.

Create a footnote at that location. To get back there, find that footnote in the Inspector and click on it.

Why don’t you split the Editor and keep the text your are working in in one of them? You could even lock it in place.

To get back into it you can set the focus to that editor (Navigate/Move Focus To) and your cursor will be where it had been before. Of course you can click into it too but then you will have to hit the former cursor position or move a bit afterwards.