Keeping Documents in the View Last Used

So, I have a scrivener file. One folder contains a bunch of character descriptions, and I would like to keep that folder in freeform corkboard view.

The other folder contains scene descriptions. I would like to keep that in outline view.

Right now if I go back and forth between the two folders, it simply uses the current view. How do I “lock” the views within the folders themselves so I don’t have to keep switching back and forth?

Thanks! I tried to find the answer via a search, but maybe I don’t know the right way to word my question…I couldn’t find any answers.


The only way of doing this is using document history. So, if you click on folder 1 and enter corkboard mode, then click on folder 2 and enter outline mode, if you click on the “back” arrow button in the editor header bar, it will go back to folder 1 in corkboard mode. At that point, click on the “forward” arrow will return to folder 2 in outliner mode. Other than that, clicking on documents in the binder will open them in the current view mode - there is no way to lock a document to a particular view.

Hope that helps.

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Each of the Editor splits also as its own view mode, so that might be something you could play with as well–have folders open in Corkboard mode in one split and in Outliner on the other.

Thanks folks. I’ll use the split view suggestion.