Keeping Font Choices Consistent Across Platforms

I use Scrivener 3 across a couple of platforms, mostly Windows [10] and Linux [on Wine]. My problems are font related:

  • First, I can never tell which font is going to show up next on either platform. When I start a new chapter I never know whether it’s going to begin in Liberation Serif (preference), Times Roman (acceptable), Courier (only for screenplays) or something weird like what I’m dealing with now [Poster Bodoni WGL4 Bold, which I NEVER asked for].

  • Second, when I manually change the fonts back the way I want it, they don’t stay. I spent considerable time on the Windows computer yesterday changing every scene and every chapter back from Poster Bodoni WGL4 Bold back to Liberation Serif. When I got home to the Linux computer, everything was fine. But when I got back to the Windows computer again today, everything was once again in Poster Bodoni WGL 4 Bold. Sigh.

  • Finally…is there some kind of shortcut to change the fonts globally? If so, I can’t find it. Yesterday when I corrected the fonts I had to manually select every scene and change them individually. “Select All” didn’t work; all it did was highlight everything in the binder. I’d like a way to change everything in one particular manuscript without having to individually select text scenes.

Thank you for your support…

Hello. The shift could be caused by the Liberation Serif font not being installed on Windows. Have you checked?


Yes, it’s installed. I’m using it right now.