Keeping formatting when transferring from Scrivener into Word

Hey, guys!
I’ve always had an issue with my formatting when I copy and paste from Scrivener to Microsoft Word. Specifically, all the words I put in italics go away once it’s in Word and I have to re-italicize EVERY SINGLE WORD. How can I keep this from happening? :confused: :confused: :confused:

Is there a reason you’re not compiling to Word format?


Don’t copy and paste into Word. That’s not how you use Scrivener. Compile your project and output it in Word format.

Okay, this raises a whole NEW question… :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

Major Major is pointing out that copying and pasting is not the best way to get work from Scrivener to Word. The Compile function is the “official” mechanism for doing that and will do all sorts of useful things besides.

If you do want to use copy and paste, Word lets you choose whether or not to paste the style attributes of incoming text, so make sure that option is set appropriately.


I tried to do a compile then I realized I have NO CLUE how to do that either. Please help

The short answer can be found in Step 16 of the Interactive Tutorial, available from the Help menu.

The long answer can be found in Chapter 23 of the manual.

It’s hard to suggest specific options without knowing how your project is structured, but the Format As: Original preset (from the menu in the Compile pane) is a decent place to start.


I always have this issue too. The formatting is preserved when I use the compile function, but that’s not always how I want to use Scrivener. In my current project, I’m sharing scenes with my beta readers as I finish editing them, by copying/pasting into a google doc. I don’t want to have to re-compile to a separate file every single time I finish a scene, especially since I’d just copy/paste from that document into the google doc anyway.

Would be great to be able to preserve formatting while copying/pasting directly out of the editor.

If you’re just sending single files, use File, Export. On the menu that pops up you’ll see export options for .txt. .rtf, .docx, whatever; whether or not to include comments, etc, Destination–like, say Desktop. Then drag the file to your email and off to your beta readers.

If you lose formatting when pasting, that’s the responsibility of the destination software. Scrivener puts the right thing on the clipboard.