Keeping Headers with text

I’m using Scrivener 3.0.3 (which is an awesome app).

I’ve spent hours reading the Scrivener manual and tutorials, but I can’t seem to find the answer to my question.

I have a project with chapters and scenes. I have decided NOT to have chapters start on a new page but rather to skip three lines and start a new chapter on the same page.

To accomplish this, I made a folder for each chapter and gave it a name (the title of the chapter). I put the scene documents inside these chapter folders.

In Compile for PDF, I assign Chapter Heading to my chapter folders. I eliminate the “page break” setting for Chapter Heading in the Separators menu. In the Section Layout>Title Options>Title Prefix, I put three carriage returns.

This Compile formatting does create the spacing I want for new chapters. However, depending on the word flow, sometimes the Chapter Heading is at the bottom of one page and the text of the scene starts on the next page. The only way I’ve found to keep paragraphs together is the Keep with Next command in the Paragraph formatting menu, but it does not seem to work with folder titles.

So my question is: How do I keep my Chapter titles (including the three returns in the Prefix) together with the following paragraph?

Thank you for your time.

Keep with Next is exactly what you should use here, so what do you mean that it’s not working with your chapter titles?

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I named the chapter folders with the titles of the chapters. I did not embed the titles in the section text. When I insert my cursor in the title of the chapter folder (in the editor part, not the binder) the Keep with Next command in the Format>Paragraph menu is not enabled.

If titles are not contained in the editor, you do not format them directly. Their formatting is determined by Compile. You will need to edit the Compile format you are using and then, in the Section Layout that is used for the affected documents, click in the title and apply Keep with Next there. i.e.:

  1. Look in the metadata area of Inspector to see what “Section Type” is assigned to the documents whose titles you want to affect.

  2. Go to File > Compile…

  3. Click on “Assign Section Layouts” to see which Section Layout is assigned to the Section Type you looked up in (1).

  4. Cancel “Assign Section Layouts”.

  5. Ctrl-click on the selected format in the list on the left of Compile and select “Edit Format…” (or “Duplicate and Edit Format…” if the former is not available because it’s a built-in format).

  6. In the “Section Layouts” area, find the Section Layout you looked up in (3) and select it.

  7. In the formatting preview area showing you how the section layout will be formatted, click in the title and apply Keep with Next.

  8. Save the format.

I recommend reminding yourself of how Compile works by taking another look at the tutorial project, too, as it’s useful to understand how the other elements of a document (titles, synopses etc) are formatted and incorporated into a compiled document and how you have full control over it.

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Got it. Thanks, Keith.

Ah, I see. Thank you. I currently have the section numbers driven off of section folders (no text) and the text all in scenes, each scene a separate text, with blank lines as separators. So I will have to change my setup so that the first scene in each section has a number as a title, so that the number and text can be kept together.