Keeping letters together

I am using a rather odd acronym, Z/C/G, in a novel. Is there a way to insure that the whole thing stays together on a line rather than breaking? (see example attached.) Also, I understand that I can pur repeating terms like Z/C/G on a list to insert, rather than writing them out each time. Can you direct me to the part of the manual that covers this?



You can insert a “word joiner” character between the characters that need to be kept together (Edit > Insert > Word Joiner).

There are a couple of ways of automating this:

  1. Use completions (via Project > Auto-Complete List). You could then just type the first character and hit Escape to bring up a list of completions.

  2. Use an external tool like TextExpander to enter this combination for your whenever you type a certain combination of letters.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks again for a quick, accurate reply!