Keeping multiple linked drafts

In developing my first draft into something coherent I go through a number of drafts, starting a new one when I’m about to make major changes. I keep the older drafts in the Binder.

I tend to start a project with my first draft containing my thoughts and notes in pretty much the chronological order they came out in. I can’t help but think there is something special about this order, and I don’t want to loose this when editing. Of course no one would want to read an entire text ordered like this, and perhaps more importantly it would be missing the overall structure which it is my work to find. So edit it I must…

Now, what I mean by keeping multiple linked drafts, is that when creating a new draft I link each component scrivener-document to its counterpart in the old draft. In this way, after I’ve been editing the new draft for a while (perhaps having reordered some things and added others), I can drill down from a document to see it in a more raw form and within the context of a previous draft. Clearly, after the newer draft has evolved not every document will have a counterpart from the past. However it is likely that many will (especially if you use merge to combine documents rather than cut and paste).

I find being able to jump back in this way very helpful.

Please :stuck_out_tongue: , if anyone else works in this way, or thinks they might like to, mention it here. If there is any interest I will post a feature request asking Keith to consider adding a new ‘duplicate-and-link’ command. This would make working this way less tedious and perhaps might make working this way more common.



P.S. Such a ‘duplicate-and-link’ command would also be very handy when having to rewrite a text for a new audience or new medium.