Keeping my place when using Composition Mode. Help!

I am working on my ms. in Scrivenings mode. When I switch from the editor to Composition Mode, instead of landing in the same spot in the ms where I was working, I end up at the very end of the ms or somewhere else much further down from where I was. It is quite aggravating to then have to go looking for where I was in editor.

What can I do to fix this? What I want is that wherever I was in the ms in editor, I stay in that same place when I switch to Composition mode. This seems pretty basic. And no, I do not want to leave Scrivenings and work on just one file at a time.



I just ran a quick test and got the same result.
But: the cursor remains where it was.

So, place the cursor in the spot you are at, go to Composition mode, then hit the right or left arrow on your keyboard. That’ll scroll the view to your current position.

Just make sure that your cursor is where you are at before switching views in the future, and your problem should be solved.

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Thank you Vincent, that worked. But I think the software team should fix this. It is stupid that composition mode does not open to the same place you were in in editor mode.

It doesn’t happen in single document mode, only in Scrivenings mode.
It may be another Scrivener for Windows version anomaly.