Keeping session target within assigned manuscript.


For my project I have lots of different files with various types of notes. I also have the manuscript which is the thing I am actually writing. I have set the project target to read only the manuscript, and this works well. However, I would like the session target to count onl y from within the manuscript. If I make notes in another document I don’t want it to count towards I have written today.

I have done a lot of tinkering and even asked this question before several months ago, but I just can’t get it to work.

Any help would be hugely appreciated as at the moment keeping track of my daily word count is something I have to do manually and it can be quite inconvenient.

Thanks very much!

Did you look at the Session Target pane of the Project Target Options panel?

See Section 20.1.1 in the manual for full details of the available options.