Keeping the Corkboard View in Place

Hi, apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere but I couldn’t find a thread.

I’m using SCR to write my PhD dissertation and am loving it. Thanks, Keith. I do have one new behavior that is frustrating me. I’ve surely changed some setting that has caused this but can’t figure out which one.

I create a new SCR “project” for each chapter of my dissertation (to stay focused and streamlined). I like using the corkboard view for organizing elements of a chapter. I create folders inside the draft folder for each section and each subsection or element/thought of the subsection is on a “notecard”/is an individual item.

So, when I am looking at a folder/subsection in corkboard view and click on one of the notecards (in order to edit the synopsis, for example) SCR splits the main window and in the new (half) window the body of the notecard is displayed. What I want is for the corkboard to stay as it is, in full size.

What can I do to stop this!


Sounds like you have “Selection Affects Alternate Editor” selected. Look at the two arrows in the footer view of the corkboard. Are they blue? If so, click on them to turn them grey - that will stop the behaviour you are seeing. The behaviour is optional so that you can set up Scrivener to act like a traditional three-pane outliner if you so wish.


P.S. Why are you using a different project for each chapter? Wouldn’t it be easier to have each chapter in a different folder inside the Draft folder all in one project?

Thanks Keith! That’s it!

In regards to your question about why I am using a new project for each folder:

I’m actually only on chapter 1 though I have written an introductory chapter. Putting the introductory thoughts with the items from chapter 1 already seemed… cluttered. I sort of have a difficult time with the list view in the binder (i.e. with the classic view for most outliners). In Finder, for example, I really prefer the column view. The classic outliner view just feels less organized and is more difficult for me to sync visually and conceptual how I want to organize things. I realize this is just an issue with my own head. However, I would be interested, generally-speaking, to see if a column view binder that runs horizontally along the top of window would work for me. DevonThink, for example, has a horizontal “binder” but it is in list view, not column view.

Anyway, thanks for all the great work!