Keeping the same style

Hi, I created a style I named “novels”, duh! And I use it for my work. However, when I press the return key to create a new paragraph the style turns to “no style”. Is there a way to keep the Style throughout the entire manuscripts? I mean when I create new folders, new scenes and specially when I hit the return key? Thanks!

You are setting yourself up for future headaches when it comes to compiling by setting yourself up with a general style like that. “No Style” is the default style set in the Preferences; styles in Scrivener are meant for things like headings, quotations, captions etc. which are different from the normal style of the text. “No Style” in Scrivener becomes “Normal” on compiling to RTF, DOC or DOCX.

If you really want to persist with your “Novels” style, then you need to place your cursor in a paragraph with that style, choose Format > Style > Redefine Style from Selection, and at the bottom of the dialog, where it says “No Style” click the arrows on the right and choose “Novels” from the dropdown list. I illustrate it here with “Block Quote”

But you’d do far better if you set up the default style in Preferences > Editing > Formatting—i.e. “No Style”—to match your current “Novels” style, and then use that throughout except for headings and such-like. If you follow my advice you’re going to have to turn all your “Novels” paragraphs into “No Style” paragraphs, but down the line you’ll be glad that you did.



Thanks a bunch. I’ll do that!