Keeping track of character birth/death dates - metadata

Instead of adding character birth/death dates in a templated character sheet, I thought it would be ultra helpful to add both date fields as metadata so I could see the dates side by side in the List View of the Corkboard.

This works great, however the problem is that metadata is defined at the project level, not at the folder or document level. Also, selecting what metadata fields are displayed is also global. So if I select birth/death metadata from the columns to show in the Corkboard, all documents show birth/death dates. While this is ideal for characters, not so much for locations, and chapters, etc.

Is there any plan to allow separate metadata based at the folder or document level, or at least different metadata columns to be displayed depending upon the folder/document selected?

This would be really helpful.

In lieu of that, is there any way to see a visual timeline of characters important dates besides metadata?

For things like this I create an Aeon timeline file and add it to my reference material.

Yes. I am looking into Aeon timeline and it looks interesting. Thanks for the feedback. It seems like a tool far better suited to managing timelines than through metadata.

However, if the dev(s) are reading this, I think it would still be a good feature to have the ability to define metadata at a folder level.