Keeping track of last edited position

I am editing a longish manuscript and it’s not something I can work on every day, so I tend to lose track of where I last was.

What do people do to remember where they were last editing? My immediate thought is to use a project bookmark, but how do I differentiate that from other project bookmarks?

I guess what I would ideally want to do is quickly add my last edited position, with a date stamp.

Something I used to do was type qqq in the text. I have no particular reason to type qqq anywhere for any other purpose, so it acted as a handy marker that was easy to find.

Just make sure it doesn’t get left in the published text, though. I once found myself browsing a magazine in a newsagents that had “Type some sh*t in here” as a sub-heading.

Sounds like something that would require a macro, and I’m not sure (could be wrong) that Scrivener supports user-created macros in the way that MS Word or something would. What I have often done in various programs is to highlight the last line I worked on before navigating away…something I wouldn’t normally use and wouldn’t easily miss, like blue or green. And when I close the program down, I copy the section title either to my note widget or to my clipboard widget where I can pin it until I come back.

The nearest I can think of that could approximate what you’re reaching for in Scrivener would be to change the color of the bookmark, or assign it a label, either of which you could reserve exclusively to mean “last worked on.”

Actually, I just found this setting: Insert > Current Date and Time [Win+Alt+Shift+D] It’s kind of a fistful, but you could combine that with a highlight or whatever works for you.

My extremely sophisticated approach is to write ‘*** LEFT OFF HERE ***’ in the doc. :smiley:


FWIW, Scrivener remembers where you left off and should load the project back in the same state when you reopen.


The software is not working that way for me. I’m on the trail version and it would be the only reason I can see not to purchase. In the editor, every time I return to the main document it reverts to the end. (First draft of a novel, it is a long document. ) I’m usually clicking from the corkboard or the binder on the side. Cannot figure this out and it is very annoying. Any suiggestions would be welcome.

I think we’re talking about two different things. If you close Scrivener and reopen it, you should see the same view. But it sounds like you’re talking about moving to different parts of the interface?

Why do you have the entire draft of a novel in a single document?